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Not all residents issues are community issues, and not all community issues affect all residents.

It's all about balance

As with everything in a community, one size doesn't always accommodate.
To assist our community and resident members, BADRA has drawn up some guidelines to help achieve a balance of what we can help with and what we can't help with. Please look over the points below.

When BADRA can Help

Concerning local issues, BADRA’s aim is to where it can and in so far as possible to help the residents of the area and the relevant authorities to combat environmental and crime problems by bringing such issues to the attention of Dublin City Council the Gardaí and other related parties.

The typical community problems BADRA tackles on an annual basis encompass the following:

Street Lighting
Open Spaces
Flooding Risk
Pedestrian Crossings
Road Sweeping
Anti-Social Behaviour
Under Age Drinking
Drug Use
Dog Fouling
Inconsiderate and Illegal Parking
Stadium & Events (Community Issues)
Local Commercial Business Issues

Should you have any concerns about any aspect of the environment in the BADRA area, please contact us by clicking the contact us link at the top of the page...

When BADRA can't Help

It is not possible for BADRA to get involved in dealing with personal problems between neighbours. BADRA is a community organisation set up for the benefit of the community as a whole. The organisation or Committee cannot take sides between one resident and another.

Disputes, where BADRA cannot get involved, are below but not limited to the list:

Parking Issues – Call Dublin Street Parking Services: 01-602 2500
Stadium & Events (Personal Issues) The local community hotline number, for any issues about the stadium, is 01 2320 888. This line is operated daily on a 24-hour basis.
For all the issue below – Call Dublin City Council Customer Services 01-222 2222 (0900-1700, Monday to Friday)
Access to a neighbour’s land for repairs
Boundaries, fences and walls
Balls and ball games
Problems with neighbours
Noise in your neighbourhood
Burglar alarms
Issues with Trees, branches and hedges
Emergencies – Call Irishtown Garda on 01 666 9600

These types of problems need to be handled by residents themselves. The Dublin City Council, Garda, Parking Wardens and Planning authorities, etc. can all aid in these issues, but it is the responsibility of the residents to source and contact the relevant organisations.

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