Dear Residents, please see the minutes of the Public meeting re: Dublin Port Company expansion. This will impact the BADRA are severely. Please sign the petition at the website.
Minutes – SAMRA Public Meeting on Container Storage Expansion in Sandymount Strand Area
Monday, 13th November 2023

The meeting commenced with Karl Anderson, SAMRA, and the SAMARA Chair presiding, addressing the proposed container storage and distribution hub by the Dublin Port Company on Sandymount strand area, spanning 15 acres—an area equivalent to the entire Sean Moore Park.
Key Points:
1. Container Hub Overview:
Dublin Port Company is planning a new 15-acre container storage and distribution hub, anticipated to accommodate approximately 636,000 containers annually.
This expansion will necessitate the movement of 11,500 trucks per week along Sean Moore Road, passing through the toll bridge en route to the M50.
The hub will be in close proximity to 3,500 new homes, housing 10,000 residents, with a mere 150-meter separation.
2. Operational Details:
The container hub is slated to operate 24/7.
Future plans indicate a doubling of capacity by 2040, reaching 3.5 million containers in the bay area.
Traffic and Infrastructure Impact:
Anticipated 75% increase in traffic on the M50.
No mention of toll bridge adjustments was provided.
The Dublin Port Company, fully publicly owned by the people of Ireland and under the trust of Minister for Transport Eamonn Ryan, is met with his staunch opposition.
Opposition also voiced by Leo Varadaker and Irish Rail, the latter stressing the necessity of rail connectivity.
3. Environmental Concerns:
Substantial increase in noise, including vibration, is expected.
The proposed plan is poised to impact the local ecosystem of Dublin Bay, a UNESCO biosphere and the only one located within a city globally.
Alternative land options within the port area were suggested to minimize the impact on residents on both the north and south sides.
4. Stakeholder Positions:
Eamonn Ryan and Leo Varadaker are opposed to the new hub.
Irish Rail insists on rail connectivity and opposes the current plan.
A professional planner, Mr. Brendan Buick, has been engaged for the project under Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID), bypassing Dublin City Council (DCC) and proceeding directly to An Bord Pleanála.
5. Community Impact and Concerns:
Concerns raised about the significant impact on the Bay Area Residents’ Association (BADRA), particularly with the existing challenges of traffic congestion and pollution on Sean Moore Road and the toll bridge.
Anticipated additional pollution and loss of amenities.
6. Next Steps:
The aforementioned points will be further discussed at the upcoming committee meeting. Support for the fighting fund is sought to meet necessary fees associated with the engagement of professionals.
End of Minutes.