About Us

BADRA:- Bath Avenue & District Residents Association CLG is a community group that has been representing the residents of the Bath Avenue area of south-east Dublin 4 since its formation in 1983. The association is comprised of approximately 700 homes in and around the Bath Avenue area, and serves as a unifying voice for the community.

The Bath Avenue area, which encompasses a number of streets including Bath Avenue, Londonbridge Road, Londonbridge Drive, Ennis Grove, O’Connell Gardens, Derrynane Gardens, Bath Avenue Gardens, Havelock Square, Vavasour Square, Margret’s Place, Malone Gardens and Bath Avenue Place, is a popular residential neighbourhood with a rich history and a strong sense of community spirit.

The association’s primary objective is to promote the welfare and interests of the residents of the Bath Avenue area. To achieve this, the group has taken on a number of initiatives over the years. For example, the association organises regular community events, such as classes,  street planting, clean-ups, outings, summer camps, functions and much much more which bring residents together and foster a sense of community cohesion.

In addition to organising events, the association also plays an active role in addressing issues that affect the local community. The group liaises with local authorities and elected representatives on issues such as traffic management, public transport, and environmental concerns. By providing a voice for residents on these issues, the association has helped to bring about positive change in the area.

BADRA is a non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers who are elected by the residents of the area. The committee meets regularly to discuss issues, plan events, and make decisions on behalf of the community. The group is also active on social media and has a website where residents can find information on upcoming events, news, and how to get involved.

Overall, BADRA is an important part of the Bath Avenue community. Through its commitment to promoting the welfare and interests of residents, the group has helped to foster a strong sense of community spirit in the area. Its work has also contributed to improving the quality of life for residents, making the Bath Avenue area a desirable place to live for generations to come.